Wireless Tour Guide System

We provide rental of high-quality wireless tour guide system in Moscow. Our radio guide system can be used for group excursions, simultaneous translation meetings, factory tours, cruise escorts and other events. The "radio tour guide system" is used to transmit audio from the presenter to the listener, and is ideal for tour groups to provide an excellent and comfortable travel experience. With our lightweight audio guide systems, you can count on crisp, clear sound performance.

- Convenient for outdoor excursions, metro or river tours
- Often required by museums to keep the noise down in show rooms
- Ability to maintain social distance

The transmitter (for the speaker) is equipped with a microphone that can be conveniently attached to a shirt or outerwear and a lanyard. The transmitter is compact and easy to use.

Modern black receiver (for the listener) has a blue strip without logos. User-friendly receivers are equipped with an LCD display, volume control, 'mute' function and disposable headphones. 

The transmitter and receiver are designed for 30 hours of operation. The display shows the charge level. Recharging is possible via micro-USB or a special case when renting a large number of receivers.

In numbers

hours of battery time
meters range


Price for 1 receiver per day
Minimum order 3000 ₽ not including delivery

Rental of 1 Transmitter

500 ₽ / day

Rental of 1 Receiver (Listener)

200 ₽ / day

Delivery within MKAD (one way)

1000 ₽

Self pick-up

metro Govorovo
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