1,5 hours | 3 hours

Moscow Kremlin Tour
and Armoury Museum

Open 10:00 - 17:00. Closed on Thursdays

1,5 hours: Kremlin Grounds Tour including Dormition Cathedral

Moscow Kremlin – the heart of Russia. Medieval architectural complex with its mighty walls and towers, gold dome cathedrals and old palaces stand high by Moscow river.

Explore Kremlin grounds - the oldest part of Moscow. You will walk through cathedral square, visit Dormition cathedral which was the place of coronation and wedding ceremonies of all Russian tsars and emperors. Admire exterior of the old traditional palaces, see the biggest bell and cannon in the world!

Your private tour guide will explain how this fortress was built, about its architectural features, its legends and people who had a chance to work and live here.

3 hours: Kremlin Grounds Tour including Dormition Cathedral + Armoury Museum

Three-hour tour includes Kremlin Grounds tour and Armoury Museum.

Armoury is one of the richest museums in the world! It houses truly priceless exhibits such as the original crowns of Russian tsars, thrones of the first Romanovs, Faberge eggs and much more.

Tour of the Armoury Museum is a great way to trace Russian history and see firsthand the splendor of the tsarist era.

Please note: Starting March 2020 Kremlin required groups over 10 people enter the grounds with radio-guide equipment. You can bring yours or rent ours.

Private Moscow Kremlin Tour and/or Armoury Museum of Kremlin can be arranged in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian language.

This tour can also be arranged in Chinese Mandarin at an extra charge of 20%.


Meet your guide by Kremlin ticket office
Metro Alexandrovsky sad, exit 5; guide will hold EXPLORUS sign
Collection of foreign artillery pieces of the 16th-19th centuries
How did they appear in the Kremlin?
The building of the Zeichhaus (Arsenal)
Where does this name come from and what is there now?
Soviet State Kremlin Palace
Why was the building submerged 17 meters into the ground?
Residence of Lenin and Stalin, office of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin
Cathedral Square
Churches dating back to 15th -16th century
Tsar Cannon
16th century cannon weighing 40 tons
The Tsar Bell
The biggest bell in the world
Assumption Cathedral
Place of coronations of Russian tsars and emperors
Cathedral of the Archangel
Burial place of Moscow rulers
Annunciation Cathedral
Home-church of the Grand Dukes
Bell-tower "Ivan the Great"
How has the bell tower grown over the centuries?
The secret garden
Why are falcons, hawks, and eagle owls here?
Grand Kremlin Palace
Main Residence of the Russian President
End of tour by Kremlin


  • Moscow Kremlin Tour
  • Moscow Kremlin Tour
  • Moscow Kremlin Tour
  • Moscow Kremlin Tour
  • Moscow Kremlin Tour
  • Moscow Kremlin Tour
  • Moscow Kremlin Tour

    Price for group

    1,5 hours | 3 hours including tickets
    For groups more than 10 people - we recommend to rent radio-guides

    1 person

    8 500 ₽ | 13 800 ₽

    2 persons

    9 700 ₽ | 16 500 ₽

    3 persons

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    4 persons

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    5 persons

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    6 persons

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    7 persons

    15 700 ₽ | 30 000 ₽

    8 persons

    16 900 ₽ | 32 700 ₽

    9 persons

    18 100 ₽ | 35 400 ₽

    10 persons and more

    Per request

    Transfer from your hotel to center and back

    Pick up and drop off at hotel by guide
    walk or metro to center
    1 500 - 4 000 ₽
    Two-way transfer by minivan / up to 6 passengers
    Mercedes-Benz Vito/Viano
    7 000 ₽
    Two-way transfer by minibus / up to 15 passengers
    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
    15 500 ₽

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the best time to tour Kremlin?
    This is a private tour so we can begin at the time most convenient for you.

    It seems that Kremlin and Armoury have a bit less tourists in the afternoon. Unfortunately, there's no fast-track option.
    When should I pay the tour?
    The sooner you book and pay, the more chances that we have an available guide for you for requested date.
    Can I pay to the guide in cash? Do you take USD or Euro? Will I get a receipt?
    Tours over 30 000 rubles can be split into two payments.

    Deposits are made by credit card to guarantee reservation. Amount of deposit can be discussed with the manager. Remaining amount should be paid on the first day of tour by cash or credit card.

    Yes, we accept USD and Euro at the exchange rate on the day of payment.

    You will get an automatic e-mail receipt for the online deposit and paper receipt for the second payment.
    Do I need to bring my passport?
    No. Kremlin does not check documents. However, it's a law that you must carry your original passport with you at all times.
    What is the cancellation policy?
    If tour is cancelled less than 24 hours before start time, no refund will be made.

    If tour is cancelled more than 24 hours before start time, we will hold 5 000 and ticket price.

    Kremlin ticket for guide 1 300 ₽
    Armoury ticket for guide 1 800 ₽

    Kremlin ticket for tourist 1 200 ₽
    Armoury ticket for tourist 1 500 ₽